Committee for the Development of qNMR Technology in Japan will promote and disseminate quantitative analysis methods using NMR.


Quantitative NMR (qNMR) has been a quantitative analysis method enabling fast and accurate measurement of the absolute content of chemical substances, and is attracting attention as a way to fundamentally solve the lack of metrological traceability of analysis results that has been an issue in the past. In Japan, qNMR is utilized in the production of reference materials, and has been adopted as an official method for determining the purity of reference materials (reference standard for quantification) in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia as well as the Specifications and Standards for Food Additives. In addition, the general rules for qNMR are included in the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Thus, qNMR is starting to be applied in a variety of fields, including foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. A a variety of fields are demanding quantitative analysis methods that are not only fast, but also ensure the accuracy and reliability of the obtained results. qNMR has the potential to meet this demand, and the investigation and development of various methods using qNMR is in progress. These days, the applications using qNMR are improving rapidly, including the use as a quantitative analysis method, but it has not become widely spread into general use yet. 
In order for qNMR to become generally accepted by researchers and technicians and be further utilized in various fields, it is necessary to continue active collaborative research, with activities like preparation of infrastructure, technique introduction, information exchanges, facility tours as well as personal networking, and the standardization and harmonization of the practical techniques related to qNMR. In these circumstances, this committee is established to fill a role as a contact point for accumulating and disseminating information both inside and outside Japan, with a goal of becoming a foundation for free and open information exchange and educational activity to support the next-generation quantitative analysis.

Through its activities, Committee for the Development of qNMR Technology in Japan will contribute to the advancement of quantitative analysis in a wide range of fields.

Committee members

People who helped to prepare for establishing the qNMR-J are the committee members.

ChairpersonHisashi SugisawaJEOL Ltd.
Vice-chairpersonOsamu YonekuraFUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
CommitteeYukihiro GodaNational Institute of Health Sciences
CommitteeNaoki SugimotoNational Institute of Health Sciences
CommitteeNahoko UchiyamaNational Institute of Health Sciences
CommitteeYuzo NishizakiToyo University
CommitteeYamazaki TaichiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
CommitteeTakashi OhtsukiNihon University
CommitteeRyuichi SawaMicrobial Chemistry Research Foundation
CommitteeTsuyoshi KatoJapan Food Research Laboratories
CommitteeMitsumasa TakahashiJapan Tobacco Inc.
CommitteeMika MurabayashiTakeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
CommitteeKouhei KiyotaShionogi & CO., LTD.
Accounting auditToru MiuraFUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Accounting auditKatsuo AsakuraJEOL Ltd.
SecretariatTakako SuematsuJEOL Ltd.
SecretariatYasuhiro MutoFUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
1st Apr. 2024


The qNMR-J will assign each activity to a working group. As of January 2019, there is a working group with which to promoted International Standardization (ISO).

Address of secretariat:3-1-2 Musashino, Akishima, Tokyo, Japan 196-855



qNMR-J will be administered in accordance with the bylaw. (Established October 31, 2018. Japanese only.)